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How To Use Social Media To Generate a Buzz for an Event.
Let’s face reality. There is virtually nothing one will do these days that doesn’t require making use of technology. We are in the era where we need to possess more technological knowledge to be able to survive in the “dog eats dog” business world. It is a reality that no matter what you sell, technology is involved.  If you are not making use of technology for the actual production of the goods or services you deal with, you will definitely need to embrace technology if you desire to forge ahead of competitors in the market. 
Imagine what you will be missing if your competitors are already making use of live event broadcast to capture more prospective buyers on the social media while you’re here practicing the brick and mortal marketing strategy. You need to start utilizing the unrivaled power of the social media to create a buzz for your live broadcast and make your product known to the whole world. How do you do it, you might ask? I am pleased to show you how simple it is if you will follow the below steps. 
Engage your target audience: imagine how fruitful it will be interacting with your potential attendee before the day fixed for the live event. This provides you with the avenue to get some suggestions through the feedback given by your potential attendees. You can make use of crowd campaign to make some participants suggest the event’s content and allow others to critique the suggestions. You can also use PollDaddy or Tweetpoll to engage participants before the event.
Captivate your target participants: one effective way to intrigue your audience is to create an event page on social media to give them updates concerning the upcoming event. You can create Facebook event page or LinkedIn to achieve this mission.
Create Challenges: if you desire to generate leads through social media, you need to know how to keep your audience engaged on your profile before the next big event. Contests, captivating content are typical examples indirect ways to promote your event. 
Make use of your social media networks: post interesting topics relating to your event and every other thing necessary and relevant for the big event. There is a higher chance of increasing your attendees if you organically get people glued to your social media contents. Your event’s photos, special guests, agenda info, speakers should be made available to potential attendees through the social media.
Create a live broadcast during the event: This is where making use of virtual reality media such as 360-degree video or photo comes handy. Create a fascinating podcast of the event to engage your social media followers. You can stream live videos through Ustream, create photo gallery via Flickr or create sound tweets through 
Utilize social media promotion tools to broadcast your event: unlike the conventional marketing where you will need to budget thousands if not millions of dollar to promote your events, social media promotion is quite cheap and readily available to help you capture potential attendees and generate more leads. 
To cap it all, don’t miss out on the added advantage the world of social media provides you. Leave your old order and adopt the new reality of this age. 

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