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Using a 360 Degree Virtual Tour for Marketing Your Property

The real estate industry is an interesting one. It has witnessed some ups and down over the past few decades. The competition is severe and fierce, and it takes special effort both offline and online to set oneself apart from the pack.
One important development in the real estate industry is the increasing interest of buyers to do more legwork online when sourcing for apartments before engaging agents. A recent study shows that 92% of buyers make use of the internet to begin their house hunting quest. This shows that real estate agents must not only be present online but also create active, engaging and exciting contents to feed the curiosity of the buyers. 
Every real estate agents should know that clients value their time, and want to know as much as possible about a property before visiting in person. Hence, the need to create a virtual tour that gives accurate, comprehensive preview of the property for the potential buyer through 3600 videos or photos. This article highlights some of the benefits of using 360-degree virtual tour for your marketing.

It Boosts Your Listings Among that of Others
Over 80% of the real estate adverts available on the online market are of poor quality, with limited visual representation. A virtual tour will not give a fan accurate and factual representation of the listing, it is always among the few listings that buyers clicked when they surf the page. These clicks can mean a lot to your company’s bottom line. 

It Simulates Humans Interactivity
A 360-degree video or photo is more likely to capture the interest of viewers than going through a long, boring video which only shows what the agents want the buyers to see. Buyers are more likely to devote more time to exploring the ads since it provides them the feature of pan and zoom on the property. 

It Captures The On The Move Buyers
It is more likely that most prospective buyers would be surfing for property listings via their devices since over 90% of mobile phone population is either holding a smartphone or tablet or even both. A virtual tour ad does not only capture their attention when they are on the go but also enable them to copy the tour link and send it to their on the move partners as well. 

It is a Means of Impressing The Clients 
Some of the viewers might be sellers themselves or have partners who are sellers and may have a property for you to market. If they are impressed that you are willing to do more in your marketing efforts, you may be rewarded with a new listing. 

It Saves You Precious Time
How do you feel when you have to rush down to open your doors for a prospect who arrived, took a glance at the property and left? Like a fool? Making use of 360-degree video will prevent such occasions from happening again. If you would make use of virtual tour to showcase your properties, you would have more quality time to spend on other things. 

In summary, harnessing the power of 360-degree videos or photos will not only make your marketing job easier, effective but also ensure you cater for your bottom line, i.e., capture more customers, improve your listing and tap into the resources of your clients.